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Come here to learn about our [762] Servers, Admin Team or to raise questions you have.
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- No: racism/SS/Nazi comments/names/squads. No flaming/insulting.
- No teamkilling on purpose/wait your turn for weapons & vehicles.
- No fighting/AFK commander
- ABC Lines & Main Bases: Do NOT fire into / out of there!
- Planes: only attack fixed positions behind ABCs.
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Re: adminship 762 server

Postby BigBrotherGER » June 25th, 2019, 7:59 pm

Is there still need for more admins?

I spend alot of my freetime on the servers. I know and respect the rules and the community. Also I'm a teacher if that helps. :D I know how to stay calm in the middle of autistic screeching and I always try to be fair.

I have a little bit of admin experience from my BF2 days, but those days are long gone. If there's enough admins thats fine with me too, but often one is needed and not to be found. ;)

Best regards to the devs, hosts and to the community!

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Re: adminship 762 server

Postby pantsu » June 28th, 2019, 11:42 pm

fantastic pilot (his brother too) and highly ethical player if my word attains any significant meaning.
pm me if you want to be friends on Steam! ;o)
Mr.Thunderman, the greatest FH2 pilot

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