Banned because of mapvote ?

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Banned because of mapvote ?

Postby airforce » November 3rd, 2019, 4:09 pm

Heei all Airforce here

Why iam banned because of starting a map vote for goldbeach, i also did a mapvote for cobra 64 and people loved it everybody said !YES … then i thought i start goldbeach after that one and then BOOM banned ???

why is the mapvote system switched on when it is forbidden on the server ?

I really dont like being banned since i play here everyday and keeping the community alive with plating alot of fh2 ….

i really dont see the problem of a mapvote it is the nicest way to play fh with a lot of people who can vote for a nextmap.

can you unban me because i think this is a little overreacted and makes no sense banning a player who plays a least 5 hours of fh2 each week.

If forbidden iam sorry for the mapvote … but still i think that a normal fair mapvote is the nicest way for people playing their favorite maps ?

Kind regards


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Re: Banned because of mapvote ?

Postby pureperversions » November 4th, 2019, 12:32 am

im not sure who banned you but its still on because the guywho is suppose to turn it off isnt around at the moment
and the reason we dont like people swapping maps is two fold, one it makes server unstable-side effect of the 100player code i belive and the second is because people misuse it, every time map someone doesnt like they just spam map votes

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Re: Banned because of abusing server mechanics

Postby x4funI<ODIUM>I » November 4th, 2019, 10:46 pm


to make my reply to this short:

Noone is supposed to switch maps because it is not necessary.
The maplist is re-generated each morning. So there should be no repetition.

If players in this very old game think they are above that, and by abusing what ever bug, glitch or hack,
do manipulate the map list, then the admins present are justified in removing them from the server.

There is a lot of this behaviour ongoing in the last months.
Other server hosters copying our loading logos, server name, ruleset, you name it.

Despite us admins being heavily engaged in work and real life activities, we will see to it that we remove some of these effects, as good as we can.

That may mean reducing the level of administration and response that we offer to the players, sadly.

There is limited spare time and with the behaviour of many players the motivation to spend it on working for [762] lessens.
I am sorry to admit that but that is how many of us feel at the moment. This game, with all its possibilities to cheat, hack, re-generate CD keys and rejoin after being banned from the game has become almost un-administerable.

We will have to figure out how we proceed from here.
Best Regards / MfG
x4fun I<ODIUM>I.

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Re: Banned because of mapvote ?

Postby pantsu » November 8th, 2019, 7:05 am

my advice to the admins who care deeply about their server is to invest towards better, long term solutions and problem solving afforded by coding preventive anti cheat programs rather than lament about difficulties or hard times.

on a micro level, banning someone works but they'll just come back as demonstrated in the past by players like boo or morphium. global hardware GUID bans use to be a thing back in the day, but very few games implement this anymore.
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