[kid] Skvor cheating?

I wish to register a complaint!
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[kid] Skvor cheating?

Postby nukular » August 11th, 2019, 6:56 pm

Hello everyone!
About a month ago I noticed this player with estonishingly good reflexes, incredible aim and sense for where the enemy might be. So do we have a very talented player or does he just use some illegal methods to improve his game? Yes, he kills me a lot, that alone is no problem for me, but too often I was wondering, how he finds me so quickly and had at least many suspicious moments with him.

And now there was a good moment to check his gameplay: I recorded him on Mount Olympus deathmatch. That's a perfect map to check a player, since there are no objectives. So one cannot say he could just "assume" the enemy at certain locations, because it would be obvious to be there. Here the enemy spawns randomly around the map. Just watch the video yourself. It's quite short.
Before recording the video I was beginning to accept that he is an honest player, but after seeing it again, I don't believe him anymore and I would like to discuss it with you:


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