FH2 Campaign "Into Darkness" starting June 2018

Enjoy 6-hour battle nights on Fridays and Sundays with fixed chains of command,
elaborate tactics, experienced squad leaders and focus on team work. Enlist here!
Forum rules
- No: racism/SS/Nazi comments/names/squads. No flaming/insulting.
- No teamkilling on purpose/wait your turn for weapons & vehicles.
- No fighting/AFK commander
- ABC Lines & Main Bases: Do NOT fire into / out of there!
- Planes: only attack fixed positions behind ABCs.
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FH2 Campaign "Into Darkness" starting June 2018

Postby Papillon » June 2nd, 2018, 7:33 pm

Good evening all,
we are happy to announce that after a long time we will again hold a FH2 campaign at cmp-gaming.com:
https://cmp-gaming.com/gc/cat/37-forgot ... -darkness/
It is set in the Finno-Russian theatre of war, we'll play a mix of new custom maps and the FH2 stock maps.
Hope to see you on the battlefield.

Regards, Papillon


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Re: FH2 Campaign "Into Darkness" starting June 2018

Postby RayderPSG » June 3rd, 2018, 11:25 am

finally ! I'm in !

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