Is my IP banned

You cannot play on [762] any more? Come here to ask why.
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Is my IP banned

Postby Bondok » August 15th, 2017, 5:24 pm

:) I can login to the account server.

:) I can open the community updater.

:) I can ping over the server

:) I can open the server (as a web server)

:x I can not play in multiplayer in any server as I get expelled after one second from joining and it says connection lost.

What is wrong?
I called my ISP for help and they answered that there is nothing they can do and it can possibly that my IP is banned.

I can join the multiplayer using a vpn, but you know it has unstable ping.
The game used to work fine until I got that ban which I don't know where it came from.
Sometimes it strangely (without any thing to be done) work, sometimes not

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Re: Is my IP banned

Postby papafh2 » August 15th, 2017, 8:10 pm

@odium Can you solve the Problem?

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