[762] Wishes A Happy New Year!

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[762] Wishes A Happy New Year!

Postby x4funI<ODIUM>I » December 23rd, 2016, 10:57 pm


Dear Admins, dear Players,

it has been a busy and somewhat turbulent year! We are happy that the community is still
alive and kicking, even if the summer months and downtime of Forgotten Honor have been a strain.
All the more we are happy to say that the [F|H] campaign #19 "Tropic Thunder" is underway again, that
a working Community Map Pack has been released and is running on [762]RANKED #1 server.

For our admin team, I am happy to have gained some new admins, that have helped make up for the loss of
some others. I am especially happy, that Papafh2 has stepped up and started helping Neo82,
Sandre and me with handling the ban list.

For the early adopters: we have installed a test version of the CMP on Server #3. So if you would like to test
before the public release and help us find bugs, you can download the "beta" CMP here:
http://files.forgottenhonor.com/fh2/fht ... 122016.zip

Mind you, this is only needed for CMP beta testing on 762#3. Back up your FH2 folder before installing
and testing the beta CMP. This will overwrite your current public CMP maps.

We wish you happy holidays, a healthy new year 2017, low ping and true aim.

For the [762] admin team,
x4fun I<ODIUM>I.

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