CMP - Current state, maplist, appeal to players!

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CMP - Current state, maplist, appeal to players!

Postby x4funI<ODIUM>I » October 28th, 2016, 2:03 pm

Dear Players,

so far we have managed to improve the stability of the CMP somewhat. The frequent crashes have ceased.
Now we need to decide where to focus our work. The next campaign at FHT is upcoming and many of our
mappers are working on that, too. We cannot fix and polish all maps which are currently in the CMP.

Generally speaking, we need more manpower. That is why for the moment, we have reviewed our map pool
and decided to take some of the maps out of the pool on [762]RANKED #1 Server.

Battle of Salerno - quarantine - will be reworked and back soon, the mapper is unhappy with its current state.
Battle of Bloody Marsh - quarantine - will be reworked as soon as the mapper returns or another mapper has time.
Bloody Gulch - out - colourful, nice terrain, hedges, countryside. But in need of redesign.
Breakthrough at Cassino - out - Interesting terrain and potential, but we lack a mapper to polish/rework it.
Carpiquet Aerodrome - out - Interesting scenario and countryside, but atm we have no mapper to give it a rework.
Garrigliano Crossing - quarantine - currently being reworked and until then removed due to request of the mapper.
Gothic Line - out - working but atm too large, may need redesign or generally work better in campaign. Considering options.
Hill 262 - quarantine - generally working but has some flaws in need of repair. Will be back soon.
Kasserine Pass - out - working but atm too large, may need redesign or generally work better in campaign. Considering options.
Ortona - out - interesting concept of big city map but needs performance check and redesign.
PACIFIC Adak Island - out - generally not a beauty to look at, even if historically correct. Needs rework.
Vosges Mountains - out - map with lots of potential but in need of a rework (concept/push/maybe terrain).

Now for you players - please comment how you feel about this! If you are interested in learning to map a FH2 level,
this is your opportunity. We can offer you advice and some guidance + a friendly (mostly :) ) and constructive atmos-
phere where you can try yourself at fixing older maps and polishing those maps that are in need of a rework. It is a good
way start small and observe how other mappers work before you dive in at the deep end.

Go here to comment or reply:

If you want to enlist in the Community Map Pack project (you decide how much time you are willing to spend) -
there is your chance.

For the CMP team,
x4fun I<ODIUM>I.

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