Community Map Pack - DL to play test the new maps on [762]#3

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Community Map Pack - DL to play test the new maps on [762]#3

Postby x4funI<ODIUM>I » January 5th, 2016, 11:39 pm

Dear Player,

you can download the current [FHT] & [762] & [WaW] Community Map Pack here.
We meet for play testing every Sunday now at 18.00 UTC (20.00 Berlin/Paris) hours.
The server is [762]#3. Here is how you can help us, click one of the pictures to get started:


When you crash on loading the new maps, that means you are missing an update.
Please then do this:



The updater will do the rest for you.

Dear Players,

over the last months [762] has been in contact with Forgotten Honor, World at War,
freelance mappers and the FH2 developers. We have been working together on a new
release of the CMP.

We have several new features that need testing: for all maps you will see 16p and 32p
map sizes that we will automatically load to start the server in hours with low player
numbers. Medium bombers and heavy bombers have been ported, ships, flame
throwers, Banzai kits, landing crafts and many things more wait for you.

The goal is to include these maps into the random maprotation on [762]#2 once we
are sure that they do not cause crashes / problems any more.

Advance on Foy (FHT)
Argentan (FHT)
Battle of Britain (WaW)
Battle of Salerno (WaW/Stubbfan)
Bloody Gulch (FHT)
Bombing the Reich (WaW)
Breakthrough at Cassino (FHT)
Brecourt Manor (Aserafimov)
Carpiquet Aerodrome (WaW)
Catania (FHT)
El Agheila (FHT)
Etna Line (FHT)
Garigliano Crossing (WaW)
Hill 262 (FHT)
Kefalonia (WaW)
Operation Nordwind (FHT)
Ortona (FHT)
Orscholz Switch (Aserafimov, rmx of Herrlisheim Outskirts)
PACIFIC Adak Island (WaW)
PACIFIC Battle Isle 1944 (WaW)
PACIFIC Guadalcanal (WaW)
PACIFIC Invasion of the Philippines (WaW)
PACIFIC Iwo Jima (WaW)
PACIFIC Midway (WaW)
PACIFIC Wake Island (WaW)
Sidi Muftah (FHT)
Ste Mere Eglise (Team Cont@ct, rmx by 5hitm4k3r)
Vosges Mountains (WaW)
Westwall (WaW)

We need YOUR help, let's go hunt bugs!

We need you to test the Community Updater made by Harmonikater,
download the files and join our test server to find bugs. So we can fix them
and release the maps to the public as bug free as possible.

How can I give helpful feedback?

If you set your FH2 to run in windowed mode, there will be
an error message after a crash, please screenshot that to help us.
In the FH2 launcher under "OPTIONS" --> Video --> check "Windowed mode".

Whenever you give feedback, please use this forum and form,
it is easier to read for the mappers. Every map has its own thread.

LOCATION OF BUG: (open the minimap with capslock, write the square, e.g. "H8kp8")
TYPE OF BUG: (what is wrong)
SCREENSHOT: (you may use

What to do now?

  • If you want to be safe, you can copy and backup your BF2 installation folder before you start.
  • download the COMMUNITY UPDATER and run it.
  • Join our TEAMSPEAK SERVER to say hello and ask questions.

Please consider leaving the FH2 community updater running to help us seed.
You can manually start/stop seeding, limit the upstream bandwith and set
other preferences under "Settings".


Again, a big thank you to Harmonikater for writing this tool for us!

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