[Feedback] Orscholz Switch

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Re: [Feedback] Orscholz Switch

Postby Matt_Baker » November 22nd, 2015, 4:33 am

So I had a quick run around this map earlier. Honestly, I think this is the best CMP map out there. :) The atmosphere is amazing, the ambient sounds are awesome and the map plays really well overall.

I have a bit of feedback with some visual bugs and some suggestions on gameplay and assets.


Overall the gameplay works really well on this map. For the 64 layer I'd make a few suggestions.

Right now it seems like the American's bleed until the Germans are capped out completely. I've never been a fan of cap-out maps since it's always hard to lock down a flag with the entire enemy team defending it while also defending 3 other flags.

Personally, I would lock the German main and make the first 2 flags their own 'Sector.' After this sector is capped by the Americans then it's a 3 flag conquest between Sinz, Farm and Woodcutter Hut. Making the first 2 flags a 'Sector' instead of individually non-recapable flags would allow the Germans to counter attack as those flags are being fought over, and no one would have to worry about attacking uncaps (atm).

As for the flags;
Observation Post- Great flag. Cool layout and unique defenses. It's a well designed flag. The only thing I would do is add a spawnpoint for the Americans in H3 if you're going to have assets spawning there for them.

Bunker- Also a good flag, the defenses make sense and work well.

Personally I would find a way to connect the Observation post flag to the Bunker flag somehow. Right now theres a road running between them, but these flags seem like they should be connected as part of a defensive line. It feels that if if the Germans had time to build bunkers they would have connected that defensive line with some trenches or something. It would feel better if there was something more than open field that the infantry could move between to fight between the flags.

Woodcutter Hut- Tbh it doesn't feel like a strategic point right now. It has no military value. There's no line of sight towards other flags, it's just a hut in the woods. I would elaborate on the defenses and make it a mortar batter or something. You don't have to put mortars there, but make it even a radio outpost or show some more military presence in the area. I would actually add more cut down trees and trenches and rename it 'Battery' or 'Communication Relay' or something.

Farm- Cool layout, good flag to fight over.

LOVE the ambient sounds. They're amazing and immerse you in the battle.

This map looks really good first and foremost. It has that end of winter feel and the feel of a battlefield. Really well done :)

The one thing I noticed is that there are a lot of broken trees in the middle of the forest. They look a little out of place because they have no context (i.e. why they were broken, branches or craters surrounding them etc...) I would remove them or give them some context. I've added a few that seem out of place in the screenshots.

Also, the lake doesn't seem that believable that it's iced over. I know that in the last version of this map the lake was more white and there was obviously more snow so it makes sense that it was iced over. I'd like to see the color just be a bit more white instead of blue.

Another thing is that all of the Sherman wrecks are Polish and it looks very strange. The tanks are very out of place to the American tanks on the map. The M10 looks too 'Normandy' as well but that's not a huge deal.

Good vehicle layout. however, I would change the M-10 for the Americans to an M-36. The re-skinned M-10 doesn't look all that good and the M-36 already has a winter skin. I don't see some huge balance problem from giving the American's 1 90mm cannon. Or alternatively taking a 76mm away.

Also, there's one Pak 40 that does not use the winter skin. This should be switched to the winter skin to save memory.

I've added a bunch of screenshots below. If you look at them you'll see the green text showing what they're looking at and the map grid.

Here's the link to the album to save from throwing a million images into this thread.

I hope some of these things can be updated. And let me know what everyone thinks gameplay wise. I'll keep posting updates if I find them :)

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Re: [Feedback] Orscholz Switch

Postby Roughbeak » November 22nd, 2015, 5:20 am

Yes, good map!

More feedback: :)

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Re: [Feedback] Orscholz Switch

Postby aserafimov » November 23rd, 2015, 1:04 pm

Hey guys,
Thanks for the constructive feedback.
Good points, I will see what I can do. :D


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Re: [Feedback] Orscholz Switch

Postby Matt_Baker » November 30th, 2015, 12:12 am

I experienced this on the 32 layer but I'm sure it goes for all layers. The mine fields aren't very clearly marked on the map. Our whole team was constantly running into mine fields and wondering what killed them.

I'd suggest either more signs so it's impossible not to know about the mine fields, or doing something like Alam Halfa and putting them on the minimap

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Re: [Feedback] Orscholz Switch

Postby Yehiel_Feiner » May 24th, 2016, 5:20 pm

LOCATION OF BUG: (32p) Bunker flag

TYPE OF BUG: k98ZF pickup kit while only americans had captured the flag. intended?
& an ABC-line like around the american mainbase would be fine for germans as well. (displayed in minimap, the area penalty is working though it differs a bit from the ABC-line)
created by TheTankHunter1337 in FHT Campaign #17

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Re: [Feedback] Orscholz Switch

Postby x4funI<ODIUM>I » August 11th, 2016, 4:48 pm

CHECK 09.08.2016. - errors included in To-Do list.
Best Regards / MfG
x4fun I<ODIUM>I.

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Re: [Feedback] Orscholz Switch

Postby Cyrant » October 31st, 2016, 12:08 am

Very nice map, great atmosphere and a good overall feel - could be a "good old map" already (with some tweaks possibly)

- the US Howitzers are set up right behind houses that deny firing on most of the relevant territory ahead of them. I understand this may be done on purpose with balance in mind, however some brain acrobatic is needed to think of a commander setting his arty up that way. Maybe there is a better approach to give them a purpose while not making them too strong?

- There are unmarked, invisible mine fields around the outer areas on the map (heading out SW from center I encountered one). If they are intentional, please mark them on the map or give other hints, else it would be great if you could remove them. Currently these areas look like a fine way to go until *BOOM* your buddy and you in the tank died out of nowhere, I fail to see the purpose or fun of this in a game. (Unless it's *MAPMAKER GOT A KILL ON YOU* :P )

- There were lots of talk on the server about the ticket bleed / push code, while ones pleaded that the losing team just sucks others mentioned possible improvements which I think were about adding structure. I take what comes along, so I cannot really put forward own objections on that, yet there were quite a few unhappy voices. Possibly something that loses the point when the map is played more often, or maybe fine tuning ticket bleed could smoothen things out.

- Floating Trees in Sinz (E4 mostly, some are spread out from that)


Its a bit hard to see on static images; very few are actually set on the ground, most big trees directly in Sinz are floating that way.

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Re: [Feedback] Orscholz Switch

Postby Slayer » January 7th, 2017, 12:06 am

- The gameplay flows nicely on this map, I really like it! One of the better maps.

- Maybe one or two flags less would intensify the gameplay a bit. I’d cut the Northeasternmost flag, as it seems a bit out of the way.

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Re: [Feedback] Orscholz Switch

Postby Capitanloco6 » February 17th, 2017, 9:01 pm

I've finally been able to lay some rounds on thsi map, and I have to say that it still is my favourite out of the CMP. However, I feel like the push code in this map is a bit wierd. In one of the rounds I played, the Germans ended up only having Farm left, and in order to get back into the game they needed to cap Sinz Outskirts, which means they had to go through the (then uncappable) Sinz flag.

IMO it would be better to have the Bunker and Observation Post flags as a two-flag sector, and then the rest of the map would be conquest (like Operation Cobra).

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Re: [Feedback] Orscholz Switch

Postby Ts4EVER » June 17th, 2017, 9:55 am

Capitanloco6 wrote:IMO it would be better to have the Bunker and Observation Post flags as a two-flag sector, and then the rest of the map would be conquest (like Operation Cobra).

Having played it two times now I would tend to agree. Presently the Pushmode seems pretty harsh on the Americans. Is it possible that they have to cap all flags to win? Because that is hard to achieve since the Germans can counter attack.

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