Forgotten Hope 2 Team Cup 2018 Is Now Open

Enjoy 6-hour battle nights on Fridays and Sundays with fixed chains of command,
elaborate tactics, experienced squad leaders and focus on team work. Enlist here!
Forum rules
- No: racism/SS/Nazi comments/names/squads. No flaming/insulting.
- No teamkilling on purpose/wait your turn for weapons & vehicles.
- No fighting/AFK commander
- ABC Lines & Main Bases: Do NOT fire into / out of there!
- Planes: only attack fixed positions behind ABCs.
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Forgotten Hope 2 Team Cup 2018 Is Now Open

Postby RAnDOOm » January 19th, 2018, 11:04 am


After the success of previous editions of the Nations Cup and Team Cup we are happy to announce that the sign-ups for the new Team Cup are now opened! We will use several 16 layers of FH2 maps , but with a different and exciting twist! Check out the TeamCup 2018 forums to learn all about it.

1st matches are planned for the 26 and 27 of January followed each Friday and Saturday for 2 weeks depending on the number of teams.

This year the Team Cup is even bigger, stronger and better. With Forgotten Hope 2 players of all nationalities and communities playing together in teamwork based squads in a 2 week tournament style competition. We can ensure you will see a lot of action.

In this edition of the Team Cup you will experience:

Forgotten Hope 2 competitive fast matches
A brand new way to play 16p layer maps
Intense 6 versus 6 matches
Medals awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed teams
It is free and everybody is welcome!

Register your Team

If you wish to register a team with 6 players go to the thread below and follow the instructions. ... bstitutes/

If you do not have a team and want to be a part of one, go to the thread below and follow the instructions. ... in-a-team/

On behalf of the CMP Community we would like to wish good luck to all the participants.

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