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Postby WolfThorn » February 3rd, 2019, 10:01 pm


I'd like to report these 2 gentlemen, solidsnake333 and 1CODEX1. On the map Operation Totalize I was waiting for the Tiger I to respawn. In the first case I was second in line, as solidsnake was already there. I was fine with the MG gunner seat, or waiting for the other Tiger as it was destroyed meanwhile, but this guy just shot me when the tank spawned.
After I respawned, I was again wating for the other Tiger to spawn. This time I was there first. Then solidsnake and CODEX came to me, both of them acting like they want the vechicle as soon as possible. CODEX took the Tiger I was waiting for, then drove past a little, got out and killed me with his rifle. Very polite folks...
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