TacticalThiccBoi flamming and tk

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TacticalThiccBoi flamming and tk

Postby Revelie » August 9th, 2018, 6:05 pm

Didn't expect to visit forum so soon but there is always a line. Today, El Alamein map.

I was driving my chevy with mg from one spot to another, using mg as long distance weapon from ridge in 32 players version of the map. TacticalThiccBoi got on my mg when I jumped to driving position to change location. I asked him to get out, but he stayed there and start chatting "why don't you drive cunt". I said I would explain to him why I want to ride alone (it so much easier to put truck in position of course) but I guess he is a cunt. CaproGreene warned us about a language. Then Tactical wrote I need to "pretty please and apologize him for calling him a cunt" (short memory of him started it). I got nervous, got out of the truck and shoted him down - which I apologize as it is against the rules but at the time it was better option then giving it what this troll wanted. Then he teamkilled me after shortly after spawn so I decided to report him for whole situation. And then the flamming started.

https://ibb.co/myBtwU (I was late to screen but the report quote what he said)

It took a while to admin that is Jonatronathan kick him after flamming because Tactical wrote on team chat that Jona wasn't in (I don't know where Capro was at the time). After kick Tactical joined server again just to get another truck and run me over. Jonatronathan can confirm the situation.


Do what you wish admins. I just don't want to play with some angry bloke that think he can call other subhumans piece of garbage on the internet.

PS. Not even know if it would mather, this guy is 99% multi account: TacticalThiccBoi, ThiccestBoi, Serbian_Megaboi55 (all serbians).

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