hai sou desu ne. . . ka?

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hai sou desu ne. . . ka?

Postby pantsu » December 13th, 2018, 4:12 pm

hello! =^_^=

i would like to apologize for my earlier attitude towards mr. caprogreene. it was not my intent to exercise 'back handed insults' but rather appear amiable during his disparaging bouts of non toxic humor. forgive me, i am not well versed in all european countries and their respective laws however in our country we are permitted to defend ourselves when accused or charged with some offense.

i would like to apologize again for insulting the honorable mr. caprogreene. although undeserving of such misfortune his majesty did make accusations specifically targeted at me ingame. (perhaps mr. caprogreene became unhinged about how often he visits the spawn menu?) i would like to apologize infinitely again once more for insulting mr. caprogreene.

just so we're aware who cast the first stone and the reasoning behind my retaliation. perhaps even the chat logs still exist and perhaps even mr. caprogreene will vent his frustration through the proper channels next time rather than onto the players. maybe you're curious how i offended mr. caprogreene?

pantsu wrote:until our expert cheat detective CaproGreene (who loves to make baseless accusations) arrives to a more reasonable solution.

alas! poor caprogreene and his grievous injury.

EDIT: Dear pantsu, nice girl, *include other nicknames here* I have taken the liberty of helping you with your broken keys. Now your posts can be read with regular eyesight. Best Regards, x4fun I<ODIUM>I.
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Re: hai sou desu ne. . . ka?

Postby moleman » December 13th, 2018, 7:27 pm

It seems to me that a true writer has become lost in the realms of FH2.

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