Suggestion - VOIP between opposing teams

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Suggestion - VOIP between opposing teams

Postby nikkopasqua » July 21st, 2018, 8:35 am

Hello everyone!

It is been a while now in this FH2 world, and I must say I enjoyed every bit of it. Gameplay is awesome, community is supportive when it needs to be supportive and autistic when it needs to be autistic.

Recently I played various games that have VOIP between opposite teams / players and I realized it enriches the gameplay by a lot. I will mention Rust but Holdfast: Nations at War is the one that made me realize how cool it could be to be able to speak to the enemy team. In Holdfast I have seen people surrendering, officers screaming orders / encouragements to their fellow soldiers and the fact that the enemy team (if close enough) could hear them created many funny moments that still to this day brings tears to my eyes (because of laughter)

My question is: Is it possible to make VOIP hearable to everybody in game, with proper distance settings etc?
I have seen there are 2 different VOIP channels now, one for the squad and one for the squadleaders and commander. How hard would it be to make a VOIP channel the way I described?

Anyone else here thinks this might be a cool idea?

Have a nice day!

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